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Your Personal App Assistant when your school supplies need to be searched for, purchased and delivered and all this with a few clicks!

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Made by a Mom for Moms


It’s back to school time and Rachel comes home to daughter Katie, who welcomes her with a required list of school supplies.

Rachel has two options:

  • To go shopping for the school supplies and be surrounded by other stressed parents in a similar situation
  • Or she can use the “S&H” App service to take the hassle out of purchasing back to school supplies

Rachel decides to make her life easy and downloaded the “S&H” App to purchase the school supplies easily.

Don’t be a stressed parent, be innovative, be like Rachel.

How did the App “S&H” originate?

A working mom, similar to Rachel, was presented with the school supplies list by her daughter. Annoyed and  stressed by additional effort she designed an innovative solution for purchasing the school supplies.

“S&H” –  Stifte &Hefte (pen&books) –  was developed and launched successfully in Germany in 2019.

Now “S&H” would branch out into Canadian market to offer this groundbreaking advantage also to the Canadian parents.

So how does the magic work?

So how does the magic work?
With these 5 simply steps


  • Download the app
  • Take a photo and upload your school supplies list
  • Select the products
  • Add to shopping cart
  • Place the order

“S&H” saves you:

Endlessly searching products from school supplies list around shelfs.

Typing the school supplies one by one into online shops.

Dragging the heavy bags with school supplies home.

Make sure you get the most out of your quality time.
Let “S&H” take the nasty work out of purchasing
the school supplies and enjoy the benefits,
like Rachel did.

Simply download the “S&H” App.

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